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RedMax Back Pack Blower

Model EBZ8550RH

Manufacturer RedMax

Price: $669

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American Pride Power Equipment Zanesville Ohio USA RedMax Back Pack Blower EBZ8550RH


For the commercial operator, RedMax is easily the industry leader in terms of the selection and performance of power blowers. The EBZ8550RH backpack blower features the Strato-Charged 2-stroke engine with ultra-low emissions and high power. With a 75.6 cc displacement and 4.4 horsepower, the EBZ8550RH produces a maximum air speed of 206 MPH with tube air flow approaching 908 CFM. The Max Cooled back pad uses air sucked by the fan housing to cool operators and keep them comfortable during hot days. Wide straps and contoured back pad are oversized for greater comfort. The RH model is built with a tube mounted throttle for added comfort and convenience.


Cylinder displacement: 75.6 cc

Power Output: 4.34 hp

Air flow in pipe: 907.59 cfm

Air speed: 206.25 mph

Specifications For Model # EBZ8550RH


Engine specification

Cylinder displacement 75.6 cc
Power output 4.43 hp
Fuel tank volume 77.77 fl oz

Article data

Air flow in housing 1024.13 cfm
Air flow in pipe 907.59 cfm
Air speed 206.25 mph

Overall dimensions

Weight 24.47 lbs